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Nothing turns on a girl more than good fight choreography.



So this happened on facebook today….


My parents are taking my little brother and his friends to go see Winter Soldier at the drive-in tomorrow and asked if I want to go.

Trying to say yes without making it too obvious that yes, I do wanna see this movie I’ve seen a bunch of times already


I drew these a while ago, I enjoyed drawing the “frames”.
available as sparkly bookmarks at my shop~


I drew these a while ago, I enjoyed drawing the “frames”.

available as sparkly bookmarks at my shop~




Sansa helping Tyrion retrieve the chalice in 4x02.  It honestly made me cry.

She didn’t just offer him the cup. She offered him strength. Because she had enough for the both of them.

#i cried at this part #never been more proud of her than in this moment

Can I just say, I wholly agree with everything you just said?  Especially the strength she gave him.  THIS IS WHY I LOVE THEM.


WOMEN OF THE MCU | Maya Hansen

Fun fact; before he built rockets for the Nazis, the idealistic Werner von Braun dreamed of space travel, he star gazed. Do you know what he said when the first V2 hit London? The rocket performed perfectly, it just landed on the wrong planet. See we all begin wide-eyed, pure science. And then the ego steps in, the obsession. And you look up, you’re a long way from shore.


Anthony Mackie behind the scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

this is what happens when you cheat on cersei

She splits herself apart like an amoeba and goes after you

Everytime I see the trailer for The Other Woman, I just think

Jaime Lannister
you done fucked up

I have like 230 things in my queue and I can guarantee you that like 60% of it is Winter Soldier related. You’ve all been warned (as if you haven’t realized by now).

This is what happens when you have no one to discuss your love for certain things in real life.

"Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" type thing.

Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter